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At State Medicare, we want to be your number one source of news, information, and advice about using Medicare for your healthcare coverage. 

We know that today’s seniors are facing an avalanche of information about their retirements, along with lots of confusing and contradictory advice about the future of Medicare, the best ways to find and afford health insurance, and issues surrounding prescription medications. What you need aren’t more pieces of useless gossip, but real news, information, and insight you can use to stay happy, healthy, and financially fit.

To help you cut through the clutter around Medicare, we continually update and add to State Medicare Newsletter, along with trying to think of new ways to:

Answer commonly asked questions about Medicare. These include the question seniors and retirees have about current Medicare coverage, fees, and options, as well as inquiries about the future of Medicare. As lawmakers in Washington continue to debate Medicare procedures and funding options, we will work to keep State Medicare readers informed and up to date.

The discussions and ideas around Medicare, Medicare Part D, and other federal programs aimed at seniors are changing all the time. By providing news, insight, and analysis without editorial input from any political party, insurance company, physicians association, or other organized group, State Medicare is able to offer a truly unique and independent perspective to seniors and retirees.

Follow Medicare developments on a state-by-state basis. While Medicare is legislated and outlined at the federal level, the program is administered on a state-by-state basis. That, combined with the fact that costs for health care, physician networks, and other lifestyle concerns vary from one area to the next, means that Medicare is very different in Texas, for example, than it is in Indiana are Illinois. For that reason, we provide state-specific updates, as well as links to Medicare sites aimed at retirees in different parts of the country.

Share new sponsors and offers for Medicare recipients. State Medicare maintains relationships with a number of private insurers, prescription drug companies, retirement planning partners, and other vendors who have offers specifically for Medicare recipients. As always, it’s important to research various offers and consider your own health history and financial situation to find the answers that are right for you, so we try to include the very best from a variety of sponsors.

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